Phyllis Mathis

Licensed Counselor, Spiritual Mentor, Life Coach

Sometimes it takes more than education, experience, and expertise. Sometimes it takes a certain kind of soul.


January School of Life - How the Soul Speaks

My word for 2014 is listen, which seems a bit obvious, considering what I do for a living. Over the last several years, however, I've begun to suspect I'm better at listening to others than I am at listening to myself, and I've been trying to develop the skill of listening to the soul in the various ways the soul likes to speak. Learning the soul's many languages.

It's hard.

Hard because we think we already know how to listen to ourselves.

Hard because our mind thinks it knows what's good for us, and the problem is not that we don't listen, but that we don't obey! So we make our lists, consult our experts, set our goals, and then wonder why we're frustrated and discouraged after the first 3 weeks.

Hard because the language of the soul is foreign to us, easily co-opted by our minds, our culture, or our spiritual/religious systems. 

Hard, but not impossible. Hard, but necessary. Hard, but opens the possibility of inner peace and outer effectiveness.

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I'd love to have you join us for a morning of listening.