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Don't Waste Your Juice

phone icon.jpg

I've had a smart phone for less than a year. An iPhone 5.  

And yes, I love it.  

This morning I wanted to write about some of the mental pitfalls we get trapped in - habits of mind that pull us down and make us crazy.  I was thinking about how bad mental hygiene can drain our vitality, well-being, and overall juice for living, when suddenly it hit me:

My mind is kind of like my iPhone.

My well-being/chi/life-force/spirit/hopefulness - otherwise hereafter known as juice - is essential to my functioning, just as my phone's battery is essential to its use. Like my iPhone, my juice is plentiful and renewable - as long as I remember to plug it in from time to time.

Brilliant, right? 

Furthermore, my mental processes are like apps. Some of them are extremely useful and well-designed. Some of them are buggy and suck up a lot of juice.  And if I leave too many of them open at one time, my juice drains at an alarming rate.

Note: Please resist the urge to get sidetracked into a conversation about actual smart phones. Try to focus on the metaphor, okay?  :-) 

I have a whole lot of mental apps I want to share with you in the future, but today I'm curious. 

What are some of the mental apps you're running?

How are they draining your juice?