Phyllis Mathis

Licensed Counselor, Spiritual Mentor, Life Coach

Sometimes it takes more than education, experience, and expertise. Sometimes it takes a certain kind of soul.

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What is Soul Work?

When we sift through all the religious, psychological, and metaphysical definitions of the word soul, I believe we come down to one clear thought:

There is a part of us that is purely and essentially us. The best version of all our attributes. The blueprint, so to speak, of who we could become. 

The soul.

Life being what it is, however, most of us at a very early age make the instinctive choice to protect this essential self and instead construct a self that seems safer to live in, safer to present to the world. This was a very smart move, life being what it is, but the move to occupy the constructed version of the self instead of the essential self comes with a heavy price. 

  • We don’t feel at home in the world.
  • We feel somehow disconnected from ourselves.
  • We live by rules we made as children, rules that no longer serve us, and often work against us in serious ways.

We need a way to recover our essential self, to reconstitute the soul we were always meant to be.

Soul work is the process of bringing the essential self - the soul - out of hiding. It’s a fundamental shift away from occupying the constructed self, and toward the art of living from our soul.

Soul work begins with the knowledge that the soul is always trying to move us toward wholeness. When we learn the movements of the soul we can begin to deconstruct the habits of the self-we-became-instead and yield to the profound joy and wisdom of who-we-could-have-been-all-along.

This is a profound shift, one that affects every aspect of our lives - our relationships, our work, our beliefs, and our bodies. Therefore any challenge we face in any area of our life can be an entrance into the discovery of our truest self, and any problem we have can help lead us toward wholeness.

Soul work is:

  • more than psychotherapy because it moves beyond repairing the past.
  • more than coaching because it touches our spiritual nature.
  • more than religion because it moves beyond doctrine and ideology.

It is not a journey for the faint of heart, but I have come to believe it’s the only journey that counts.